How To Get A Natural Look With Minimal Effort

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There are different types of girls out there with different kinds of traits. Some girls adore their natural beauty, and some go crazy over make-up. Which one are you is something for you to decide. Because you know yourself better than anyone else who judges you from the shoes of a third person. They say every human is beautiful in their own way. But some like to lift the natural beauty they have been gifted with a little bit of artificial. Which is completely okay. Most girls, even if they use make up they prefer keeping it light and natural as possible for their daily look. Unless they are going to some wedding, heavy make up is not for daily use unless you have a comfortable in wearing them. Simple ways to get a natural look has taken its forms in 21st century due to the advancement in the cosmetic world.


Nude is the new natural, is like the slang of the current generation. Because, it is the Kardashians who made it famous all over the globe. Unlike olden times, girls tend to pick lipsticks which match their lip color or skin tone. So that when a person looks at you the don’t realize it’s make up and find it natural. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a definite must to try, why? Because, this way you don’t necessarily have to apply an eye-liner on top of your eyelids, even a thin like is not required. What you stick on top will replace the job of a liner. It will give an extra glow to your face. Apart from that, highlighter, or the illuminator with the shine is the latest trend. Apply your concealer to cover the spots in your face and rub a little bronzer or highlighter to draw the attention. Since too much of anything is good for nothing, it is better if you use less of all the products. But the neat look can only be achieved by getting your brows right. Outline it and fill it up with eyebrow pencil if you don’t have thick brows.

Fuller lips

Lip augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery done by most young girls. Because if your lips look plumped up, that’ll draw the attention only to your lips mostly and you will have to worry less about the other features. That doesn’t mean you should entirely get rid of the lash extension supplies you have already ordered. Bit make sure they are light, made from silk fiber and will last for a longer time just as your natural one. Another crucial thing to keep ticked is if it is safe to wear them and bath. For example, if you are going for a swim and if you feel like it will come off easily, then there is no [point in investing on it so much. You can save it for something better and long lasting.

Now you know how to get a natural look easily, so try it if you haven’t tried it yet!

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