Methods Of Hair Removal For Women

Hair removal. A grave issue faced by women at present. It has become a necessity for women to ensure that their hair removal is done regularly in order to fit in with society which is running at a fast pace; and also, in a society driven by prejudice. Therefore, women tend to use some method whatsoever to make sure that their hair free whenever they step out in the broad day light. There are several ways in which this can be achieved. Following are some of the ways in which women ensure that their hair removal is done regularly.

Tweezing and threading

How does tweezing work? It’s quite a task tweezing since you have to pull out individual strands of hair out of your skin. This is mostly used for the eyebrows. By tweezing, the hair gets pulled out of its roots resulting in a hair free look for you. It is commonly used on smaller parts of the face. Threading is also a commonly used hair removal method which is similar to tweezing, pulling hair out of its roots. The difference being that the hair is pulled out by way of a thread. This method ensures that the hair free look lasts for 6-8 weeks.


Shaving is the most commonly used method of best SSC hair removal treatment in the world. By shaving, the hair which is closest to the skin is removed, thereby giving a smooth look to your appearance. Some useelectric shavers while others use razors to shave. There is a myth which has been coming on from the past that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, but dermatologists have said otherwise. They say that a soft tip exists in an unshaved hair, and when it is shaved the soft tip is gone making it coarser. Women use shaving for most body parts as it is n easy method. However, the results only last for a short period of 1-3 days. 

IPL treatment

As of now, IPL (Intense Pulse Lightning) treatment allows you to achieve full body hair removal permanently. Yes! The hassle of shaving at least once in 3 days is no more. In this process, a white light is directed atthe hair follicles where they will be burnt. For an average person, 5-6 treatments within the gap of every six weeks will result in a hair free body, thus increasing self confidence and saving time. However, this method is considered to be a bit expensive than the other methods available. Yet, many that received IPL treatment claim that the money spent was worth it.


Waxing is also a simple method which can be used for hair removal at home itself. While some use honey and sugar to wax, you can also purchase wax strips at stores and make your life easier. The other option is to visit your nearby salon and get a hot wax treatment done. 

Whichever way you use to remove your hair, make sure that it is safe and will not harm your skin at any given point.

So You Think You Can Make-Up

Make-up is a part of everyday life for most women. We use it to appear sophisticated and professional at work, to glam ourselves up for a party and when it finally comes to the day we get married, we only want the best wedding make-up. With these cosmetics being such a significant part of our daily lives, it seems logical that more and more women and taking up TAFE courses on make-up artistry. If you want an asian look on your wedding, then click this link for an asian bridal makeup in Melbourne.

As a female, it seems like a great profession. You get to spend your time beautifying client’s faces and playing with make-up all day, and since we all have such experience with applying make-up it seems like it would be an easy job, right? However, what so many women forget when they begin these courses and suddenly imagine being a private makeup artist to the stars, is that it is in actual fact, an art. There is extremely coveted skill to be able to perfectly apply make-up to every different face that walks through your door. Additionally, you also need to know your colors… Which palettes will work best, not just with the girls hair or eye color, but also with the outfit they’ll be wearing when they go out. It’s a lot harder than it looks, and despite the fact that you might apply make-up every single day, producing top quality make-up that not only lasts long but also looks impeccable is a talent.

The best make-up artists spend a great deal of time studying… not just throughout their courses but also as they progress throughout their career. Styles of make-up, contouring, shadow styles and the popular colors change with the seasons, and in order to remain in demand in this field you need to be up to date all the time.

Additionally, you need to consider the significant difference between applying your make-up and being a make-up artist. When you’re applying your make-up everyday, you are looking in a mirror and using your own face. You know what colors suit you best, you know the shape of your cheeks for contouring and you know your skin. When you’re a make-up artist, your whole system changes. Instead of looking across at a reflection, you’re actually applying the make-up to the reflection. Every client will be different, some will have flawless skin that you simply just need to highlight and accentuate while other clients will come in with imperfections and skin problems that they are going to want you make disappear and you need to be prepared for that.

Becoming a make-up artist is a lot of fun, it’s a unique and flexible job that is always changing, but it’s not as simple as you think. Great make-up artist are so difficult to find because there’s more to it than the basic rules for applying your own make-up, it’s a true modern day female art form.

Finding The Right Salon

Nowadays, a salon in the hair care industry has transcended its fundamental expectation of being merely a professional in hair care. Like many other industries world over, it has stepped up its game and gone beyond merely attending to hairstyling, hair treatments and haircuts. Salons today have ventured from hair to body offering spa treatments and even a space to sell hair care and bath and body products that are not easily found in drugstores or local supermarkets. Moreover, salons are also great places for you to spend the day with your girlfriend, so be sure to check up on if your salon offers group bookings and even gives a discount for package deals.

Hairdresser Paddington is this and everything more. If you are looking for the “complete package” this is definitely the pit stop you are looking for. They’ve got the best of professionals in the hair care industry and have spa experts that help you relax, unwind and rejuvenate.

If you are still sceptical of what we have to say here is a list of services that hairdresser Paddington has to offer for you and your girlfriends. 

• Hair care – these include your haircuts to hair treatments, hair colours, hair styles, hairdressing and hair extensions

• Face care – facials, clean ups and some little pampering to one’s face never hurt anyone

• Spa facilities – fancy a nice shiatsu massage this Saturday to help you get the stress off the long workweek? Now you know where you need to book your Saturday morning in for

• Bath and body bliss – from body scrubs, to body wrap and general body clean ups, this is where you would want to go for some luxurious royal treatment

• Other body care – hair waxing to leave your hands, legs and body feeling smooth and soft

• Group bookings – ideal day spent with your girlfriends or family unwinding to Balinese massages and some pink champagne

• Gift packages – because a day out in a salon or spa is the best gift of small luxuries you can give to the nearest and dearest women in your life. If you are a man, it tells them that you appreciate what they do for you and in return you want them to relax and take some time off. If you are a woman doing this for family members or another girlfriend, it’s a way of telling her that you understand what they are going through and that they could take some time off while they are at it

• Face and hair care products – because we all love spa treatments at home too!

Three Standard Anti-Ageing Remedies

Human nature is that people grow older with time. This is natural phenomenon and it is only prudent that we embrace it rather than trying to delay it. However, this process of ageing is not all about advancing in years. It is also about ageing of your skin cells. Sometimes, more often than not today, the rate of ageing of your skin cells is much faster than the rate at which you advance in years, which is constant. This is mainly due to the changes in the environment that we live in. Due to pollution and the types of food that we eat, the ageing process of our skin has become more and more rapid. This is why today, we require anti-ageing remedies in order to have our skin looking the same as our actual age. Here are some anti-ageing remedies that anyone can try out.

Artificial remedies
There are loads of anti-ageing remedies available out there in the market today. If you look at any cosmetic counter today, you would find at least ten different anti-ageing products in it. These can range anything from collagen dermal fillers to vitamin and mineral supplements. The type of treatment really depends on you and what is best for you. Before you do any of the artificial remedies, it is best that you consult your doctor, especially if you are on any medication. If you find it difficult to decide the best course of action for your anti-ageing regime, it is best to consult a dermatologist before you embark on any artificial anti-aging treatments.

Natural remedies
There are plenty of natural remedies for ageing skin, without having to go through dermal fillers Sydney or Botox injections. These involve various natural remedies that have been tried and tested over centuries by women. One of the most important natural remedies out there is to limit your sun exposure. Times and weather conditions have changed so that it is no longer good for your skin to be exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time. This such as sesame oil, fish oil and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are excellent for maintaining youthful skin tone. There are also many facial masks that can be concocted using hundred percent natural ingredients. Recipes for these can be found in plenty on the internet.

Surgical options
Last, but not the least, there are the surgical options to look younger. These range from face lifts to tucks and contouring and everything in between. Speak to a dermatology surgeon or a plastic surgeon to get you started.